Personally designed programs to make you feel better and play better.

The value of physical conditioning in the game of golf today is undeniable.  The modern Tour player makes their training regimen a priority to be able to compete at the highest level.  If you are trying to improve your game you too would benefit from golf-specific training. 
Strength and flexibility benefit the golf swing and there are other important rewards that come from getting in better shape.   Stamina on the course, improved attitude, confidence and motivation all build as our body conditioning improves. 
A personally designed fitness program takes into account your current condition and your personal circumstances.  Whether you have a few minutes a week or an hour each day there is a program that can help you start feeling and playing better.

Kathryn Henry

Kathryn is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and avid Amateur Golf competitor with more than 10 years of Bikram yoga experience. She is a certified USA Track & Field Official and has been passionate about golf, fitness and athletics her entire life. After years of trying to balance her passion for golf, fitness and athletics with a highly successful and demanding career in Corporate America she elected to leave her post as International CIO for Gap Inc. to align her time and energy with her true passion. Her NASM education, Bikram yoga experience, USA Track & Field involvement, and experience as a results-oriented executive create a well-rounded foundation for her pursuits. Kathryn now balances her time helping others improve their lives and golf scores through delivering a personalized approach to strength and conditioning training with her focus on her individual golf and fitness related goals (she currently holds a 7 handicap-index).




Bobby Aldridge

CSCS, NSCA, ACE, IDEA and CPR, ARC, and PAS I/II (Egoscue) certified.

My goal is to assess problems and improve function: I design an individualized program for each client, focusing on postural alignment, flexibility, stability, balance, strength and power. Years in the field have convinced me that fundamental movements often need to be reestablished, or relearned, before any progress can be made in the golf exercise program.

Fassst Results is the way I assess my clients to work on special needs and desires. Goals for many of my clients include increasing strength, power, muscle endurance, vertical leap, speed, first step quickness, furthering range of motion, decreasing chances of injury, strengthening connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, overall joint stability, and gaining or losing weight – all while increasing energy and feeling great.

I interned with physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, nutritionists, and professional athletic trainers. My pleasure and expertise coalesce in the healthy transformation of the human body and spirit.

Thank you!